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6 in 1 Wireless Charger
This wireless charger can fully charge all devices quickly. We have built-in high conversion rate charging technology that distributes enough power and voltage to each device so that the charging process of all devices is fast and harmless.
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Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner
With the simple push of a button you can have your entire floor clean. Who wouldn't want to come home to a clean house? This laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner offers smart technology and makes for a great digital helper!
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You can easily set and switch the various functions you need, bringing more fun and a sense of technology to your driving experience

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Live In Comfort

No need to clean the room yourself! This laser navigation sweeping robot can be a good helper for cleaning! Its functions are very rich, including laser navigation, vacuuming, water control and mopping, etc., and it will automatically find the way forward until to clean the entire room.

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Our Happy Customers

I looove this robot cleaner! It is like a round alien with eyes to clean my house,it can identify the route.It was very quiet when it was working, and it cleaned the entire room without knowing it.


Love how convenient and portable this device is. I have cleaned my car, steps and in the corners of my home. This gets those well hidden crumbs that we always seem to miss. I would recommend this mini vacuum if you have little ones, pets.


I bought this laptop phone holder, it can keep your phone away from your hand, but also allows you to see important notifications. I have recommended this to many of my friends.